Meeting 8/25/2017

Visioning and beginning to lay the foundation of NeutralZone.  If you feel called to support military veterans suffering from the invisible wounds of war, please join us for this short, 30 minute, informational call today at 1:30 MST via Zoom.

Please take a moment to pray for our troops and their families.  Tragic accidents locally, at Ft Carson, and internationally on the USS McCain, to name only a couple incidents in recent news, and never forget those who have died in conflict.  Soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guardsmen have given their lives serving this great country.  Many others are suffering from the invisible wounds of war.

The invisible wounds of war are hard to see because the suffering is from the inside out.  No one can exactly understand what others might be experiencing or feeling.  The thoughts of being a bad person, unworthy, unlovable, and even unforgivable because of their necessary actions in military service.  To complicate it, there is a stigma of weakness if they admit they need help.  The impact is far and wide.  The service members are not the only ones suffering.  The people around them witness the suffering without ideas of how to break the shell of silence.  The community around them is changed by the actions and inactions.  Society, as a whole, is being changed because there is a generation who has not lived while America was not at war.  Responding with conflict is mounting because it is the response society knows instead of striving for a peaceful solution.  This intentional community is designed to help change those realities.

Let us come alongside to offer a support system necessary to begin healing from these invisible wounds.  Allowing the veterans to realize the freedoms they fought to defend and living an abundant life as God intends for each and everyone of us.