Neutral Zone

Neutral Zone is an intentional community seeking to serve military service members and veterans.  The unintentional consequences of war is real.  Physical, Mental and  Moral injury is not a new phenomenon.  Looking as far back as Homer’s character, Achilles, you can see evidence of how battle changes a person.  It has been called many names over many years, such as, shellshock, soldiers heart, battle fatigue and combat fatigue (just to name a few).  Moral injuries cannot treated by the traditional methods, medical doctors or other professionals struggle to find solutions.  The treatment of moral injuries require Soul Repair.  Intentionally considering that the actions of combat should not claim the service members’ identity, rather they were necessary actions to protect their country, their families, their fellow service members, or themselves from battle.  Understanding doing what needed to be done was a part of war and it should not define the person or the ability of that person to assimilate into society, being loved and forgiven.  Overcoming these invisible wounds requires facing the tragic reality of war while reimagining the lived reality.

This community seeks to serve those who have served and as a result of war many may not have access to the life they had before war.  Veterans helping veterans is key to sharing experiences and healing.  Experiencing the bond and comradery that is felt between military veterans, continuing to give of themselves, and find acceptance by those who understand their experiences.

This community recognizes valor and the importance of how valor defines a person.  We will protect against embracing or enabling stolen valor, holding each other accountable; however, we will be inclusive and embrace the each individual regardless of type of sacrifice.  Valor will not be over glorified or define the group; it is inevitable to be a part of the story, but not a focus.

The community will meet in a non-traditional space for community building, service, and worship.  Volunteers, mentors and donations are always welcome!