On June 18, 2017 Reverend Sherry Ferriman was officially appointed by the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Methodist church to start Neutral Zone!  Neutral Zone is an intentional community of faith focused on serving military service members and veterans.  After nearly two decades of war, military veterans have been exposed to trauma, over and over.  The invisible wounds of war are real, a new normal, and something needs to be done to help overcome the stigma and moral injury many experience, yet, often struggle to define or explain.  An average of 22 veterans a day commit suicide, many veterans experience homelessness, self-medication, or are unable to assimilate into society after the atrocities they have witnessed.  Each military service member has sacrificed much and as a military veteran, Reverend Sherry is dedicated to creating a safe space where they can share their story, experience acceptance and comradery with other veterans who have been where they have been, and begin the process of healing from the invisible wounds of war by reimaging their experience as a part of their history, but not allowing it to define who they are.

…Stay tuned to as we begin the process of building the community and establishing the meeting places and times.